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Photographic awards

November 2011: 2 nominee awards in 5th Annual Photographers Masters Cup, International Colour Awards 2011
November 2010: Commended in the Entrepreneur of the Year category, Kingston Business Awards
May 10: bestofkingston - best business award (based on testimonials).
April 09: winner 'Beauty:Outside & In' portrait competiton by Kingstonfirst
Sept 08: Gold Award in Applied Stock Photography - US event run by Create Awards.
June 08: Creatve Shake (US) 5 bronze awards: 2x corporate, 2x series, miscellaneous.
June 07: - two merit awards in digital art & miscellaneous categories.
April 07: timesonline runner-up 'Travel - People'.
Aug 06: Opodo runner-up 'Travel'



October 2011: 'Art For Youth' at the Royal College of Art, Kensington
Oct 09: Landmark Arts Fair, Teddington, Middlesex.
July/Aug 09: The Gallery at Southfields, London.
Apr 09: Rose Theatre, Kingston, Surrey.
Nov 08: Richmond College, Kingston Buiness Expo 08.
Oct 08: private exhibition The CornerHOUSE, Surbiton, Surrey.
Oct 07: private exhibition The CornerHOUSE, Surbiton, Surrey.
Oct 06: Art4Cause exhibition, Kingston, Surrey.
August 06: 'The Interiors Collection' The Arthouse, Surbiton,Surrey.
August 05: Art4Cause exhibition, KIngston, Surrey.
August 05: Artwork exhibition at Brick Lane, London.
June 05: Open Studios, Kingston, Surrey.
Nov 04: first exhibition The CornerHOUSE Surbiton, Surrey.

Media coverage

May 2013: Illustrated article on Zimbabwe:
June 2013: Illustrated article on Swaziland:
July 2013: Illustrated article on Cuba:
October 2011: Photo essay on trekking Iceland published
Aug 11: Photo essay on Armona Island published
July 11:
Dec 10: Featured Masterclass Photographer in 'TRAVEL' published by The Sunday Times
Oct 09: 'The Future's Bright' - Richmond & Twickenham Times.
Feb 09: 'Fighting & Winning' - Time & Leisure Magazine.
Oct 08: 'An Insightful Exhibition' - Surrey Comet.
August 08: 'Fulfilled by a quest for a different perspective', Elmbridge Guardian.
July 08: 'Travel on the London tube calmed'
Jan 08: 'Driving in South Africa' - Time & Leisure Magazine.
Aug 07: 'Keith Hern's Kenyan photo diary' timesonline.
Oct 07: 'SNAP! Keith Hern's work pulls in the crowds' London Informer.
Feb 07: 'Mozambique for half-term' Time & Leisure Magazine.
Oct 05: 'Sweeping landscape part of photo show' Kingston Informer.
Oct 05: 'Rooms with a view were photo inspiration' Richmond Informer.

Commercial photography

interior and architectural photography, branding cheap jordans and image, business at work, products, trade shows, portraits and events for websites, marketing, editorial, promotions and advertising.

People photography

portraits (studio, working environment or outside), modelling portfolios, working environments, social events.

Travel photography

landscapes, buildings and architecture, wildlife, local people and their environment.

Bangers & Mash

My photographic journey through throat cancer now has its own website:,

My approach

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